JLIS abstracts

SINGH (Gurdev)

SINGH (Gurdev). Use of Informal Sources of Information by the Journalists belonging to India , Nigeria and USA : A Comparative Study. 24,2;1999;152-58

Mentions that informal sources are very important especially when the information is needed within a very short time or within deadlines. Studies the use of Information sources by the journalists belonging to India , Nigeria and USA in their day-to-day work. Identifies important informal sources used by them.

SINGH (Gurdev). Role of Newspaper Clippings in News Making: User's Point of View. 22,1-2;1997; 85-93

Mentions that the newspaper and news agency libraries now form an important part of their establishments. Points out sometimes, a newspaper library is called, 'morgue' because of all the dead information it contains, but it can be a lively source of information, when it provides information efficiently and within short time. Explains the role of newspaper clippings as the most important component of a newspaper and news agency library. The data was gathered through a questionnaire distributed to 618 journalists and 278 of them responded. Based on the data, examines the role of clipping files in the process of news making in terms of their purpose of use, frequency of use, usefulness, reasons for not using them frequently. Discusses degree of use and awareness of clipping service. Provides suggestions given by the journalists to improve the clipping service in these libraries.

SINGH (Gurdev). Use of Newspaper Libraries by Journalists in Delhi : A Users Survey. 25,2;2000;164-72

Mentions that newspaper libraries play a significant role and form an important part of their respective establishment. Explains why the various categories of journalists visit the library and how they use the information obtained from the library? Analyses the data about the time spent in the library in the information seeking activities. Describes the use of various library services by the various categories of journalists. Explains the role of library staff. Critically examines the various services provided by libraries to various categories of journalist in their information seeking activities.