JLIS abstracts


SETHI (AR). Libraries and Social Transformation. 18,2;1993; 142-53

Describes the concept of social transformation. Discusses the social role of information. Examines the role of library in social transformation. Discusses the dilemma of developing countries whether or not to accept the Western style of development model and the role of information technology in it. Mentions that Indian society has become a prismatic society, being no longer traditional but powerless to become modern. Points out that development communication is the answer. Concludes that development communication offers a new approach to achieve the goal of sustainable librarianship.

SETHI (AR). Aesthetics in Ranganathan. 17,1;1992;89-101

Points out that about a hundred years ago, aesthetics and librarianship were quite close than at present, these are far from being at the friendliest of terms. Discusses the concept of aesthetics. Critically examines aesthetics in Dr. S. R. Ranganathan's works, his style and his personality. Points out that librarianship has suffered as a result of its estrangement with aesthetics. Mentions that Ranganathan termed his own intensive aesthetic experiences as intuitions and did not use the term 'aesthetics' in his writing. Suggests that librarianship should come closer to aesthetics and employ it in various ways to gain advantage.