JLIS abstracts




KULKARNI (DR), BHARUCHA (RR) & BAKRE (S). Computerized Book Procurement System: A Systems Analysis. 8,1;1983;88-102 Describes a detailed system analysis of the computerized book procurement system to process the requests for the new book in the Library of Physical Research Laboratory. The system monitors the status of processing of each individual request received by the library and subsequently assists the library staff in taking appropriate actions immediately. The mechanization of certain standard procedures and the prompt actions taken by the system would help considerable in minimizing the procurement period. The system also helps in accessioning and cataloguing the book after it has been procured. Thus for every request the processing ends only when the book is on the shelf ready for being issued. The system has split the total procurement procedure into a number of well-defined stages. Describes the transition from one stage to the other stage. The system has been thus designed as a transaction-processing system and would be best implemented on a computer system supporting the on-line, interactive processing, which PRL is in process of getting in near future. Stresses that the system when implemented in this fashion would serve not only the library staff and also the library users who have put the request for new books because they can have direct access to the system from their terminals.