JLIS abstracts


SATYANARAYANA (R). Library and Information Science Education and Training in India in The Nineties. 21,1;1996;93-101

Mentions the rapid changes taking place in the society. Empahsizes the point that our society is becoming increasingly information conscious and information dependent. States that the LIS educator should adapt a combination of traditional and non-traditional approaches to produce holistic and rational curriculum design to suit the highly dynamic conditions and the pressing needs of time. Outlines course contents for Library and Information Science courses at Bachelors and Masters levels. Opines that the most important input for the success of any course is the availability of a competent faculty with a sense of devotion and dedication. Physical facilities like a good library, PC's at least one for three students, AV kits to supplement print materials and such others are essential. Observes that unfortunately these important components are missing in our schools today.