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SAINI (ML). Making LIS Education More Purpose-Oriented: Some Random Reflections: 21,1;1996;77-80

Traces the historic fact that the Delhi University Library started as a unicellular library with the inception of the University 75 years ago. It has since grown into five Divisional Libraries with their 28 library units. Draws the attention of all concerned to restore the broken integration of Class-room teaching with Practical work in the library. Points out that the traditional libraries are changing to 'information centres' adopting new technology. Emphasises on the need of keeping the 'reader' in the central focus of the library services and not to be obsessed to the use of machine alone. Observes that the students of LIS be acquainted with managerial skills to make them good librarians. The librarians of the future need to be equipped with management skills, computer skills and the philosophy of service to the users.