JLIS abstracts

ROBERTS (Winston D)

ROBERTS (Winston D). Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Programme. 14,1;1989;52-65

The present set-up and impact of IFLA's Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC Programme (UBCIM) are discussed. It is considered that the programme is not engaged in any innovative work but is rather pursuing existing work. Comments are made on the original aims of UBC and of the present UBCIM Programme, and past and present projects in pursuit of those aims are discussed. Various strengths and weaknesses are identified. The proposition is advanced that, although there are grounds for concern about the Programmes seeming loss of direction, there are also grounds for cautious optimism: a list of suggestions is given for future studies and projects which could be carried out by the Programme, if continuing support is available. The future re-location of the Programme should help to ensure this support.