JLIS abstracts




GUPTA (SR) & BABBAR (Parveen). Need and Provision of Professional Library Management Consultancy. 27,2;2002;142-51

Gives a meaning to the term Professional Library Management Consultancy. Justifies the purpose and necessity of PLMC. Discusses the five basic stages in the consultancy process. Identifies the essential personal characteristics and specialized abilities required by consultants. Discusses the economics of PLMC. Shows some of the prominent areas where professional management consultants may play an important role in the management of libraries.

GUPTA (SR). Institution of Chartered Librarian: A Conceptual Framework. 17,2;1992;143-57

Justifies the need for professional consultancy for libraries on the basis of observations and findings of a research study of college libraries in India . Draws a distinction between the instrument of certification and the instrument of licensing in a profession. Points out that so far only the certification is being done by the various L & IS schools providing the professionally qualified persons to work in libraries. Argues that an instrument of licensing is required to prepare competent professionals to practice as authorized library consultants. Suggests that such library consultants may be called the Chartered Librarian. Analyses the need for the services of Chartered Librarians in libraries of various types in general and the college libraries

GUPTA (SR) & SINGH (DV). Oh! Our Alma Mater: Help Us Regain the Grandeur Misplaced Over the Twentieth Millennium. 26,1;2001;79-88

Dwells upon the high-pitched controversy of 'access' (today's librarianship) versus 'ownership' (libraries since ancient times). Summarises the landmarks of the 20th Century. Laments the impediments and damages done to the librarianship in the past century. Identifies certain brewing problems being faced by librarianship, an ever-living profession. Makes distinction between a 'professional subject' and an 'academic subject' and their training and education. After analysis and evaluation, suggests some remedial steps. Pins a ray of hope in the late efforts being made by the DU Department of LIS for remedying the blurred vision of the past. Pronounces 'the training of students in the professional skills and expertise of LIS education. Strongly recommends for a three years degree course leading to B.L.I.Sc to be taught at college level.

GUPTA (SR), CHAUDHURY (Poonam) & SAHIB SINGH. Oh, Our Alma Mater ! Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya. 21,1;1996;112-15

States the primary aim of education for LIS to be the training of intellect in matter pertaining to human knowledge and information. Describes in brief the state of LIS education in India . States that the visionary Ranganathan created a future Rajpath for library professionals. Laments that the followers in the next generation shattered the dream of Ranganathan and they forgot to follow the dictates of Five Laws in education they impart in LIS schools. A prayer is made to Alma Mater of librarians in the words Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya. Identifies and highlights certain failure of LIS education system in India . After providing the diagnosis concludes by suggesting some effective remedies.

SINGH (Bhawna) & GUPTA (SR). SLISS: A System Study of School Libraries in GNCT Delhi. 27,2;2002;106-21

Describes in brief the status of school libraries in NCT Delhi. Analyses the School Library as a statutory requirement, provisions for staff, finance, collection, and infrastructure. Evaluates the image, aims and objectives, functions, staffing, infrastructure of a modern school library. Designs and explains a new library system (SLISS) for the libraries of the Government schools in the NCT Delhi.