JLIS abstracts

REDDY (J.Yadagiri) & RAMAIAH (LS)

REDDY (J.Yadagiri) & RAMAIAH (LS). Sources and Services in the Humanities: A Proposal for NHDC. 17,2;1992;182-90

Defines and explains what is meant by the humanities. Bibliographic control is an indispensable aid to accelerate and expand research in all fields. However, comparatively, documentation and bibliographic activities to ensure bibliographic control in the humanities are minimal despite information explosion in this area also, the result is that scholars often experience difference, in order to remedy this situation a National Council for Humanities to plan Documentation activities is warranted. Pleads for the establishment of a National Humanities Documentation Centre (NHDC) and a model for the proposed Centre and the objectives and functions of the same are discussed .