JLIS abstracts

PATEL (Jashu)

PATEL (Jashu). Ethnic Bibliographic Instruction : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 18,1;1993;12-24

Assumes that no bibliographic instruction is provided for the ethnic materials. Mentions that as a result, students, scholars, researchers, and educators face certain library problems in the U.S., U.K. and other countries, Points out that some of the libraries of these countries have their own methods of cataloguing and classifying ethnic materials, and students and scholar visiting other countries may not be aware of these different methods. Believes, if bibliographic instruction is provided then that will save the time, energy, and frustration of international students, scholars, and educators. Outlines bibliographic instruction programme for ethnic materials. In conclusion, the investigator emphasizes the importance of ethnic bibliographic instruction in libraries and education for ethnic bibliography and librarianship.

PATEL (Jashu). Comparative Study of Methods of Evaluating Library Science Students in U.K. and U.S.A. : A Research Proposal. 18,2;1993;67-81

Describes the need and gives justification of the study based on literature. Enumerates the objectives and limitations of the study. Gives tentative hypotheses and definitions of terms. Describes the plan of the study covering research methodology, significance of the project and probable results.