JLIS abstracts


ASHARAF (Tariq) & SINGH (Dev Raj)


ASHARAF (Tariq). New Digital Paradigm: A Challenge to Librarianship. 25,1;2000;38-46

Looks into the future of library profession in an electronic information era. It elaborates the challenges being faced by library professionals in the light of the fact that all traditional functions of librarians are losing their relevance as we move towards digitized information environment. It concludes that library profession will have to re-engineer itself if it has to survive and library schools will have to revise their syllabi and redefine their role.

ASHARAF (Tariq) & SINGH (Dev Raj). Accessing Information : A Framework for Policy Making. 19,2;1994;86-92

Discusses the importance of intelligence information, social information and health care information to a government for decision-making. Points out that all public policy is based on information available at the time of decision-making. Describes in detail three basic concepts, such as access, privacy and intellectual property (ownership) of information, which form basic framework for issues covering information policy. Concludes that it is the responsible government and responsible citizens who must decide the right use of information and the right balance between access, privacy and ownerships .

SINGH (Dev Raj). Librarianship as a Career : Choice and Perception. 18,1;1993;43-65

Analyses different sources and factors which have motivated university library professionals to choose librarianship as a career. Examines choice of librarianship as a primary or secondary career, and perception of professionals towards librarianship. Concludes that interpersonal sources were instrumental in the decision of an average university library professional to join librarianship, which he embraced with the motive to accomplish self interest. librarianship was his primary career but secondary occupational choice, he prefers to remain in the library profession, and would choose a career in the library professional all over again given a chance but does not like his offspring's, kith and kin to follow in his foot steps.

SINGH (Dev Raj). Career Pattern of University Library Professionals in India. 18,2;1993; 154-76

Identifies different library positions held by professionals so far. Analyses career mobility of professionals in terms of their inter-organisational, intra-state, inter-state mobility and factor influencing mobility. Examines extent of upward mobility attained by the professionals in their career.

SINGH (Dev Raj). Professional Activism among University Library Professionals : An Analysis. 19,1;1994;46-58

Examines involvement of university library professionals in activities undertaken beyond organization for enriching the profession and also enhancing their own knowledge by academic and professional perseverance. Studies data collected through questionnaire from 261 professionals. Concludes that an overwhelming majority of the professionals (75.9 per cent) are not at all involved in any kind of organizational activity. Points out that this is an indication of apathetic attitude among them towards professional activities.

SINGH (Dev Raj). University Library Professionals : Some Sociological Aspects. 17,2;1992;158-81

Analyses socio-economic and demographic data collection through questionnaire from 261 professionals employed in the university libraries of Pubjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh according to gender and state. Examines intergenerational mobility among professionals. Concludes that a university library professional is a male of 47 years of age, and is married, entered the profession at the age of 25 years; he was born in upper caste, Hindu community to a undergraduate father, and was brought up in a lower middle class family from an urban area and he is in a better occupation than his father.