JLIS abstracts


NEELAMEGHAN (A). Need for a national information policy.1,1: 1976; 63-70 Discusses the need for a national information policy under the following headings: Information revolution and national policy; the new economics of information and national considerations; and certain premises and questions, the answer to which can provide the elements for formulating an objective and integrated national information policy.

NEELAMEGHAN (A). 'User Orientation' in Library and Information Studies curriculum: Some Aspects with Special Reference to Developing Countries. 10,1;1985;53-65

The scenario in many developing countries is under use of information sources and services, partly due to their inadequacies in relation to user needs and partly due to the lack or poor information marketing, user education, and user orientation efforts. Inadequate training and expertise in user orientation and resource constraints for organizing effective user education and user orientation programmes, user studies, etc. call for alternative strategies to traditional practices. Suggests (a) 'user education/user orientation' modules in courses in library and information studies; (b) distinction in the scope of 'user education', 'user orientation' and 'user sensitization' and differentiated contents and approaches to carrying out the tasks involved; and (c) that teachers of the different courses/major modules in library and information studies should also consider and teach the user orientation aspects of the related products and services, while in the reference/readers' services modules that usually contain a module or topic on 'user orientation', the general aspects of user education and user orientation and appropriate methodologies for carrying out the relevant tasks may be discussed.