JLIS abstracts

OCHOGWU (Michael G)

OCHOGWU (Michael G). Producing the Basic Competencies in Information Science Education in Nigeria . 14,2; 1989;157-65

Takes a theoretical overview of the concept of information science as a discipline. Specifically analyzes the problems of teaching and producing information science teachers and practitioners in Nigeria . It is regrettably noted that there is great amount of non-teaching of information science going on in the library schools in the country. Even where such programmes are mounted, certificates in the field are hardly awarded as there are virtually no supporting resources to train this corps of information professionals. In an age where information is increasingly assuming important political and economic roles in the affairs of nations, the production of professionals competent enough to design and develop effective information systems for benefit of citizens cannot be overemphasized. Some short-term and long-term measures are, therefore, suggested to overcome these shortcomings.