JLIS abstracts


SRIDHAR (MS). Prospects and Problems of Microforms in Libraries.6,2;1981;1-15 Describes how microforms have become inevitable recording media. Defines microform, explains popular types of microforms, concepts and terminologies relating to micrographics. Examines the positive role of microforms. Enumerates opportunities and threats posed by microforms. Provides a representative list of sources for selection of microform literature. Emphasises systems approach in designing a 'micrographics unit' for a library.

SRIDHAR (MS). Study of Library Visits and Inhouse Use of Library Documents by Indian Space Technologists. 7,2;1982;146-58

Describes the methodology, sample and limitations of the study and analyses of 1,721 user visit to ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) Library, systematically recorded over two months. Presents frequency distribution table of user visits, time series analysis made to see the pattern of in house use of the library at different timing of a day, different days of a week and over weeks and months. Identifies cyclical, seasonal and irreversible variations in in house use, Present frequency distribution of library visits against users, lists out the results and observations Concludes by enumerating factors affecting in house use.

SRIDHAR (MS). So You Want to Buy Micrographics Equipment! 8,2;1983;182-197 Based on the practical experience of the author at ISRO Satellite Centre Library, the paper highlights the predominant features and specifications for microform readers and reader-printers, pitfalls in acquiring micrographic equipment. Provides a checklist for choosing appropriate user aid. Enumerates procedure to buy suitable equipment for small and medium size libraries. Finally suggests unified professional efforts in setting up of micrographics facilities to make microforms more popular among user community .

SRIDHAR (MS). Mathematical Approach to Relations in Thesauri 5,1;1980;76-87 Presents a brief background of set theory and relations including equivalence and ordering relations. Proposes four working hypotheses concerned with thesauri relations (USE, UF , NT , BT, GS & RT) and examines these relations against the characteristics class of descriptors from a single descriptor to aid information/document retrieval. Provides a new mathematical approach to thesaurus and its relations and compares it against traditional way of representing thesaurus. Proposes new areas for investigation in this direction.