JLIS abstracts

THAKUR (Ranjeet S)

THAKUR (Ranjeet S). Transmission Log and CDS/ISIS. 23,2;1998;174-78

An effort has been made to devise a system whereby a transmission log is made out of a library database by retrieving the required data and transferring it to a suitable mode (e.g., a Microsoft excel file) instead of some other department making a transmission log afresh. This would avoid duplication of data entry on one hand and possibility of mistakes at the other. This would also save lot of man-hours.


THAKUR (Ranjeet S). Use of "PMEST" in an Electronic Media Library. 22,1-2;1997;102-106

Discusses the nature of an Electronic Media Library and how it is different from traditional libraries. Makes an effort to suggest some handy tips to make use of the concept of PMEST for storage and retrieval of specialized material of these libraries. Mentions the criteria being used for classification of material in the absence of suitable scheme of classification. Describes the peculiar problem of retrieving the information from audio-video tapes. Suggests the solutions to meet them.