JLIS abstracts

THAPA (Neelam) & SAHOO (KC)

THAPA (Neelam) & SAHOO (KC). Education and Training of Future Information Managers: Role of UGC and Universities in M.P. 27,2;2002;122-34

Emphasises upon the need of the hour to prepare the Library & Information Managers who win over the challenges and smoothen the application of IT in the Internet Environment of the Information Society of today. Under the changed scenario leading to globalization, the LIS schools have lagged behind in discharging their fundamental responsibility of providing to the future Library & Information Managers, the latest of the techniques, methods, process and technologies through their teaching, training and research programmes. This has been against the dictates of the 5th Law of Library & Information Science. Beholds that the Universities and the apex body, the UGC are jointly responsible for undergrowth of LIS Schools, the alma mater of all the Library & Information Managers. Surveys the LIS Schools in the States of MP and confirms the plight of these Schools in all relevant aspects, such as, course contents, infrastructure facilities, faculty, admission process, and evaluation system, etc. Suggests that immediate steps be taken by all concerned to identify and rectify the shortcomings housed in our LIS education system.