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WEINGAND (Darlene E)

WEINGAND (Darlene E). Literacy and Reading in Iceland . 16,2;1991;144-59

Iceland has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Why is this the case? Examines this question against a background of geographic realities. Cultural memory and oral tradition. Secondary data concerning the publishing scene, the library in Iceland and competitors for leisure time are presented. The research methodology is derived from qualitative research and grounded theory. Fifty seven interviews of citizens of Iceland were conducted in spring 1988. Participants included community leaders, general citizens, workers in fist factories, educators, librarians, publishers, library science students, college preparatory students and ninth graders. Results are presented relating to language, history and literature, and an examination of reading-including attitudes toward reading, personal reading experiences, materials choices and sources, reading time preferences and locations, perceived impacts, and reading to others.