JLIS abstracts


YOSHINAR (Tsuda). 10,1;1985;18-23

Presents by giving data the panoramic view of the existing library resources in Japan . Observes that Japan has fairly rich library resources but still requires better organisation among cooperative libraries in the matter of resource sharing. Describes the activities of JMLA such as compilation of Union Lists of Serial Holdings; Union List of Medical Periodicals in Medical libraries of Japan as well as its role in strengthening library network in the country. Assesses the growth of on-line literature search system in Japan and discusses JOIS (JICST on-line information system) the most developed on-line search service network in the country. Also identifies the system for retrieval of information about foreign and Japanese books, LC-Marc and Japan-Marc tapes are being used for foreign and Japanese books respectively. Gives proposed functions of SIC (Science Information Centre) to implement the information network system which is to be based on sharing the information resources of all academic institutions in the field of Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences in the country.