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MARTINELLI (Mari Teresa Ronchi)

MARTINELLI (Mari Teresa Ronchi). Education and Training for Agricultural Information Work. 8,2;1983; 103-27

The present paper is based on education and training for the agricultural information professions, a review and analysis of all subjects discussed at the International Conference of Education and Training for Agricultural Information Work organized by IAALD in Nairobi , 7-12 March 1983. The Conference was attended by over 100 participants from 22 countries and 13 international organizations coming from all continents. That survey tried to identify the profile of the Agricultural Information Professional (AIP) as it emerged from the 42 papers contributed to the Conference, his/her educational and training requirements, comparing these with currently available programmes as reported at the Conference. Highlights the findings of the Conference, extracting most of the relevant sections from that paper. Provides some personal views that are the outcome of numerous conversations and discussions with colleagues of the ETWG, of IAALD and with other educators after that meeting.