JLIS abstracts

MALHAN (Indervir) & SATIJA (MP)


MALHAN (Indervir) & SATIJA (MP). Union Catalogues of Scientific Serials in India with special reference to NUCSSI (1988). 14,2;1989;136-44

Explains the usefulness of a union catalogue. Discusses the efforts of the Indian Library Association and the INSDOC towards compilation of the union catalogues. Discusses in detail the scope, arrangement etc., of NUCSSI brought out by INSDOC.

SATIJA (MP). Dictionary of Knowledge Organisation Terms: Mission , Objectives, Scope and Methodology. 26,1;2001;29-39

Defines the Standard Terminology and its significance in communication. Acknowledges knowledge organisation as a discipline of scientific study. Discusses the view of S.R. Ranganathan and others on compilation and presentation of a standard dictionary of 'Knowledge Organisation'

SATIJA (MP). Abridged DDC-13 (1997) and its Workbook. 23,1;1998;58-61

214 SATIJA (MP). Abridged DDC-13 (1997) and its Workbook. 23,2;1998;170-73

SATIJA (MP). Indian Sources of Library and Information Science Terminology. 16,2;1991;129-43

Explains the importance of standardization of terminology in library and information science. Examines the contribution of Dr Ranganathan and also brings out the role of ISI (now Bureau of Indian Standards) in this regards. Describes some of the important sources in the subject.