JLIS abstracts



LAHIRI (Ramansu) & PRADHAN (BB). Periodical Section of Manipur University Library (1973-87) Growth and Development. 12,1;1987;66-80

Narrates the service-points maintained by the Periodical Section of Manipur University Library during 1973-87 keeping in mind the requirements of the academic community of the University as well as the State. The paper concludes with a statistical analysis showing the trend of the growth of the number of documents and its expenditure during JNU period (1973-80) and MU period (1980-87) with a forecasting on 2001 AD.

LAHIRI (Ramansu). Serial Control System: A Critical Study. 16,2;1991;181-98

Highlights all the primary facets of the serials control system. With the help of flowchart, the movements of input from one to other subsystems of the SCS has been shown. Discusses various 'decision strategy' and the use of information in 'decision making process' in the SCS. A case-study in summarized form is also presented. Concludes with the expectation that the serial-administration in the university library system should be given its due importance by considering it as total system and as separate identity for better service to information surfers in this fast changing information world.

LAHIRI (Ramansu). Human side of the Library: A Staffing- Pattern. 14,1;1989;39-51

It has been realised that the existing staffing-pattern for serials-administration has always neither been realistic nor been appropriate for the production of optimum outputs for its target-group today. Based on 'time-factor', the present study attempts to frame a staffing model for serials-administration which may suit to Indian situation. The model, however, as it does not claim its total accuracy, should be examined in wider dimension before taking any positive approach.