JLIS abstracts

ALFIATAYO (Benjamin O) & KADIRI (Jasilin A)


ALFIATAYO (Benjamin O). Students' Attitudes to Book Theft, Mutilation in a University Library 12,1987;19-37

Of the 144 university students sampled, 10 students 96.94%) admitted to stealing while 15 students (10.42%) admitted to mutilation. These students have been categorized as delinquent students (DS) while those who did not indulge in any of the acts have been categorized non-delinquent students (NDS). Analysis reveals few differences between categorized non-delinquent students. The study reveals that those who stole and/or mutilated books did so without the support of their colleagues and in the belief that it was very easy and they would not be caught. The study suggests some preventive measures which include a simple publicity campaign to educate students on the danger posed to library services by such delinquent acts and with particular emphasis on the penalty which goes with the offence.


ALFIATAYO (Benjamin O) & KADIRI (Jasilin A). Periodical Literature of Health Economics. 15,1;1990;74-86

A citation study of the literature of Health Economics revealed that Journals are the most prominent media of communication and dissemination of knowledge and information in the subject field. Books/monographs are next. An analysis of the periodical literature to determine some of the characteristics of the literature revealed five journals as constituting the core journal titles while a total of 46 titles which contributes about 66 percent of the total citations to journals were found to be the essential title for adequate journal acquisition in the subject field. The numerical value of the reference scattering co-efficient was obtained as 0.25 while the level of joint authorship was found to be 46.69 per cent for the total literature.