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KORALE (SR). National Library Development and Legislation in Sri Lanka : A Review. 9,2; 1984; 118-45

Races briefly the historical development of libraries and library services in Sri Lanka in the modern period the origins of which go back to the early 19th century. Outlines the growth and development of the more important libraries, their objects and functions and the services undertaken by them. Discusses growth of the system as separate entities, public, special, government departmental, academic and national, responding to socio-economic stimuli and community needs. Describes the unplanned growth of the system as individual libraries each functioning as a part of the parent organisation to which it is attached, catering principally and responding to the need of the parent organisation, which have made it difficult to bring them together under a single umbrella organisation. Mentions that some of these individual units have been established by statute and have statutory powers enabling them to undertake the collection and service, which have given them the status to perform National Library Services. Discusses the provisions of the National Library Services Board legislation and its limitations in the above context and the amendments necessary to the Act in order to effectively discharge the role and function devolving on National Library Services.