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KHARE (Suneeta J)


KHARE (Suneeta J). New Dimensions of Preservation of Library Material. 25,2;2000;198-201

Libraries are considered to be the preservationist of our cultural heritage. The main function of libraries, therefore, has been to preserve the knowledge in various forms like books, journals, manuscripts, maps etc. But these library materials are subject to deterioration and decay in due course of time. But the nature of information carriers has changed from clay tablets leaves and barks of trees, leather, cloth and paper to floppies, magnetic tapes and computer discs. Therefore, it is very much necessary to consider their potential to preserve the content of library materials. Keeping in view their capacity to render easy and quick access whenever and wherever required. Considers the new avenue provided by the new technologies like microfilming and digitization for the purpose of preservation of the contents of the books, journals, etc.