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KEMPSON (Elaine E)


KEMPSON (Elaine E). Rural Community Information Services: Guidelines for Researching Need, Setting up Services and Evaluating Performance. 15,2;1990;138-52

Recent years have seen a growing awareness of the importance of information services that meet the needs of rural communities in developing countries. This prompted the IFLA Section of Public Libraries to convene a small working group which met at the 1987 IFLA conference in Brighton . The group recommended that a project should be set-up which would promote and assist the development of such community information services. The first stage of the project was a literature review to establish the state of the art and provide guidelines on the development of rural community information services. Summarises the guidelines in three main areas; (i) Analysing community needs; (ii) Establishing appropriate services; and (iii) Monitoring and evaluating performance.