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SHOKEEN (ASHU) & KAUSHIK (Sanjay K). Information Seeking Behaviour of Social Scientists of Universities in Delhi . 26,2;2001;168-74

Investigates Information Seeking Behaviour of social scientists working in the universities situated in Delhi . To collect the data a structured questionnaire was used. The result shows that qualifications and teaching experience have a significant effect on the visit to the library by the social scientists (x2 value of Qualifications x Visit to the library is 17.29, degree of freedom being 8, P=0.027, Significant and x2 value of Teaching Experience X visit to the library is 36.24 degree of freedom being 24, P=0.050, significant). Books are the most used sources of information and periodicals are the most important source of information. Browsing is the first preferred method of searching the required information.