JLIS abstracts

KAUR (Amritpal) & RANA (Ranjit Singh)


KAUR (Amritpal) & RANA (Ranjit Singh). Information Technology and LIS Education in India : Striking a Balance between Conventional Courses and IT. 27,1;2002;24-32

Describes the impact of information communication technologies on libraries and information sector and their implications for LIS education. Discusses the present situation of LIS education in India . Advances suggestions for a harmonious integration of conventional LIS courses and IT. The curriculum that will evolve as a consequence of the interaction between the traditional programmes and IT will enable the graduates to develop necessary skills and competencies for performing the divergent roles and catch hold of the opportunities offered to them in the new information technology environment.

KAUR (Amritpal). Resource Sharing and Networking of University Libraries in India : Role of Inflibnet. 25,2;2000;130-37

Highlights the need and importance of resource sharing among the university libraries in India . Describes the concept of network and networking. Discusses the status of financial support given by INFLIBNET through University Grant Commission (UGC) to the university libraries for infrastructure development and computerization. Discusses the main activities of INFLIBNET including creation of union databases (of books, serials, current serials, secondary serials, theses and research projects), retro-conversion of records, manpower development, software development, online access to databases, electronic document delivery service and networking of libraries for resource sharing. Mentions new initiatives and future programmes. Concludes that vigorous steps on the part of INFLIBNET and cooperation from the participating libraries are requirement for the success of the programme.