JLIS abstracts

KANUNGO (Neena Talwar)


KANUNGO (Neena Talwar). Citing Pattern of Indian Political Scientists : A Case Study of The Indian Journal of Political Science. 20,1-2;1995;56-65

KAUNUNGO (Neena Talwar). Citing Pattern of Indian Historians : A Case Study of The Indian Historical Review'. 21,1;1996;81-92

Introduces citation counts study. Delimits her study to the analysis of the citation referred to in the articles published in Indian Historical Review. Analyses the source article (31) and their authors. Gives year wise, subject wise break-up. Makes a rank list of the different types of sources cited by the Indian historians. Draws a profile of Indian historians based on the citing patterns.

KANUNGO (Neela Talwar). Refresher Courses in Library and Information Science: A Response to the Change. 22,1-2;1997;47-54

Like any other field, the field of Library and Information Science is not immune to this information explosion; it is becoming hard for the library and information specialists to collect, collate and disseminate. Further, with the advent of information technology, the scenario in this discipline has radically changed. Today, information is no more confined to books and documents in the custody of individuals and institutions. It now embraces the audio and visual media, the latter enriched with the fusion of colour, motion and sound. Computer and communications are instrumental in bringing all this to the reach of the people. As a result these advances in the area of information technology have completely altered the way the people live, perceive, work and entertain. Hence, it is imperative that library and information scientists constantly update and upgrade their knowledge. This is what makes the refresher courses necessary .