JLIS abstracts



MALWAD (N M) & KAMATH (VA). Problems of Computerised Information Processing in India . 1,1; 1976; 71-80

Mention the names of libraries, documentation and information centres in India using computer along with programming language used, the kinds of computers and the list of main activities computerized. Describes the social, economic and technical problems faced in dealing with computerized information processing with special reference to Indian conditions. Stresses the need for standardization in different areas of computerized processing of information. Lays emphasis on accelerating of all associated and back-up activities to get the best out of computer processing .

RAGHAVENDRA RAO(MK) & KAMATH (VA). OCR-A Revolutionary Technique for Information Processing. 1,2; 1976;232-42

OCR-Optical Character Recognition is an ingenious technique of entering human readable information directly into a computer, eliminating, the usual keyboarding operation. The paper presents a historical development of OCR, its operational features and associated problems. Major application of this technique to information handling problems is discussed in detail with particular reference to INIS and AGRIS