JLIS abstracts



SURIYA (M) KALAVATHI (MS). Impact of Library Collection on the Institutional Research. 14,1;1989; 13-24

Aims at analysing the impact of library resources on the research output of the universities. Log-linear regression model has been adopted to identify the functional relationship existing between the library collection, number of library users and the research output of the educational institution.

SURIYA (M) & KALAVATHI (MS). Productivity Measurement in Academic Libraries. 12,1;1987;53-65

Discusses the importance of productive measurement in academic libraries. Analyses the relation between the library productivity and the institutional productivity in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Annamalai University by using 'document transaction' and 'research output of the institution as indicators of productivity. Concludes that a clear relationship exists between the investment in the basic information resources and labour and the research productivity of the institution .