JLIS abstracts



PHADNIS (SP), CHHOTEY LAL & PAKHALE (NS). Role of Libraries in the Development of Agricultural Research and Education in India During 21st Century. 24,2; 1999; 146-51

PHADNIS (SP) AHSAN (A. SHOAIB) & VIJAYALAKSHMI (NR). Training of Agricultural Scientists in Information use. 2,2;1977; 151-81

Broadly outline various subject areas which are currently related with agriculture. Describes about the Indian agricultural scientists, their specialization, sphere of activities, and location, etc. Indicates the need for information (published as well as unpublished) for these scientists. For published information, it discusses about the primary and secondary source publications, data publications, etc in agriculture. Elaborates about the complexities in various types of secondary source publications and the problems involved regarding the retrieval of information there from by agricultural scientists. Some idea about various source books in various subject areas, in relation to agriculture is given. Mentions the various unpublished information and data sources and stresses the need for making the agricultural scientists familiar with these. Deals with the use of computer in information retrieval and various SDI services. Discusses the role of UNISIST, INIS, AGRIS, CARIS, NISSAT and similar other systems for information retrieval. Briefly outlines the necessity of training scientists for information collection, giving data about the existing practices in our country as well as outside. Mentions examples to draw support from surveys for the need for training of users. Deals with the exploitation of literature by scientists in non-English languages. Proposes, orientation of scientists to get familiar with the library techniques in order to get maximum information. Outlines the recommendations of the Indo-American Library Survey and Study Team. Gives some idea about various areas of cooperation now existing between India and USA for this purpose. While analysing future need of cooperation, stresses on Indian agricultural information specialist getting some experience in latest techniques including machine methods in USA to be more effective in orienting agricultural scientists.