JLIS abstracts


1. ANAND (JK). Bibliometric Studies of Library and Information Science Journals: A Review of Related Literature. 22,1-2;1997;73-84

The review of bibliometric study of Library and Information Science journals has been carried out, keeping in view the nature, contents and the type of literature; covering characteristics related to collected journals, individual journals, nature of publications, content-analysis, authorship, citation studies, research methods and funding.

2. ANAND (JK). Journal of Library and Information Science 1976-89; An Analytical Study. 15,2;1990;101-28

Discusses the importance of learned periodicals in the overall process of dissemination of knowledge. Highlights India's position among the library and information science periodicals producing countries in the world. Describes and evaluates source contributions and authorship as well as citation pattern of papers published in the Journal of Library and Information Science from its inception in 1976 to 1989. Reveals many interesting features of the journal such as leading contributors, high percentage of foreign contributors, subjects discussed in the journal, most cited journals, heavy reliance in India on professional literature published from foreign countries, especially from USA etc. Compares the finding of this study with the results of similar studies of various subjects.

3. ANAND (JK). Library Committees in Delhi University Colleges: A Survey Report 6,1; 1981; 45-59

Defines library committee. Describes the nature, composition and functions of the present day library committees in Delhi University colleges. Points out specific problems faced by the librarians vis--vis library committees. Reports four case studies. Provides suggestions to improve the functioning of the library committees.