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Sl. No.
Title of the Thesis
Research Scholar
Research Supervisor(s)
Date of Registration
Information needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Members of Parliament in India: A Study

Ms. Poonam Parashar Jha

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 19.10.2016
Information Seeking Behaviour of Users in Social Sciences in University of Delhi: A Study

Ms. Nishat

Prof. Paramjeet K. Walia 20.10.2016
Use and Promotion of Library and Information Sources and Services in Select Special Libraries in Delhi: A Study

Ms. Monika Singh

Dr.R.K.Bhatt 27.10.2016
Contents Analysis of Websites of Central University Libraries in India: An Analytical Study

Mr.Santosh Kumar Bharati

Dr.M.Madhusudhan 02.11.2016
Use of E-Resources by Faculty Members and Research Scholars in Select Universities in Delhi: A Study

Ms.Karnika Gaur

Dr.K.P.Singh 21.10.2016
Information Resources and Services for Differently Abled Users in University of Delhi and its affiliated College Libraries: A Study

Mr.Vijay Kumar

Dr.K.P.Singh 19.10.2016
A Scientometric Study of Social Science Literature Published during 2007-2016

Ms. Leishichan Zingkhai

Dr.Meera 20.10.2016
A Scientometric Study of Periodical Literature in Geology

Ms. Garvita Jhamb

Dr.Meera 20.10.2016
A Study of Information needs of Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLA) of Northen India (Yet to join)

Mr.Hari Prakash

Organization and Accessibility of Digital Resources in Select Libraries in India: A Study

Mr. Gaurav Sharma

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 10.12.2015
Content Analyses of Website of Select Library Networks: A Comparative Study

Ms. Harmeet Kaur

Prof. Paramjeet K. Walia 21.12.2015
Reading Habits and Information Seeking Behaviour of Undergraduate Students of Select Colleges affiliated to University of Delhi in the Changing Environment

Ms. Deepti Khatri

Prof. Paramjeet K. Walia 18.12.2015
Use of E-resources by Faculty Members and Students in Kurukshetra University And Maharishi Dayanand University in Social Science

Ms. Neetika Sharma

Prof. Paramjeet K. Walia 18.12.2015
Online Defence Information System: A Proposed Model for Defence Research and Development Organisation Labs in India

Mr. Gopal Bhushan

Dr. M.Madhusudhan 29.12.2015
Use of DRDO Electronic Journals Consortium by Users in Defence Research and Development Organization in India: A Study

Mr. V. Senthil

Dr. M.Madhusudhan 29.12.2015
ICT Skills Among the Library and Information Science Professionals Working in the College Libraries Affiliated to University of Delhi: A Study

Mr. Vyas Kumar Bajpai

Dr. M.Madhusudhan 17.12.2015
Application of Electronic Security Systems in Select Libraries in India: A Study

Ms. Parul Gupta

Dr. M.Madhusudhan 09.12.2015
Research Productivity in Life Sciences of Central Universities in Delhi: A Scientometric Study

Mr. Ch. Peidu

Dr. K.P.Singh 31.08.2015
Information Seeking Behavior of Faculty Members and Students in Library and Information Science (LIS) in North-East Universities: A Study

Mr. Lingsangmi Khongreiwo

Dr. Meera 09.12.2015
Conservation And Preservation of Information Resources Available in Select Libraries in Delhi: A Study

Ms.Diksha Yadav

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 30.10.2014
A Study of Information Resources in Rajasthani Arts And Culture in Select Universities And Institutions in Rajasthan

Ms.Sunita Pandey

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 05.11.2014
Use of Mobile Devices in Enhancing Information Services in different University Libraries in Delhi

Mr.Saleeq Ahmad Dar

Dr.M.Madhusudhan 07.11.2014
Use of Reference Sources and Services in Select Central University Libraries in North India Region: A Study

Ms. Shabana Parveen

Dr.Meera 10.11.2014
A study of institutional repositories of select institutions in India

Mr.Surjeet Kumar

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 09.12.2013
Use of e-resources by faculty members and students of selected university libraries in Srilanka: A study (Submitted)

M.s Kulatunga Mudiyanselage Rani Kumari Kulatunga

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2013
Online storage and retrieval of graphic materials available in select college of arts and arts galleries in India: A Study

Ms.Rekha Rani

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 09.12.2013
Information needs and information seeking behaviour of school students in Delhi: A Study

Ms.Nitu Sinha

Dr.(Mrs.) Paramjeet Kaur Walia 09.12.2013
Library and information science curricula at Master's level in India and USA: A Comparative Study

Ms.Priyanka Chand Bhatt

Dr.(Mrs.) Paramjeet Kaur Walia 10.12.2013
A bibliometric study of research output of University of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University in the field of arts and humanities


Dr.(Mrs.) Meera 20.02.2014
Publication trends in Punjabi language (2004-2013): A bibliometric study

Mr.Harish Chander

Dr.K.P.Singh 20.02.2014
Human resoruce development in management institute libraries in national capital region in India

Ms.Nivedita Tiwari

Dr.K.P.Singh 07.03.2014
Impact of social networking sites for the exchange of information among research scholars of the central universities in North India: a study (Submitted)

Ms.Nowsheeba Ashraf Asmi

Dr.M.Madhusudhan 9.5.2013
Access and use of e-resources by faculty members and students in economics: a study of select universities in Delhi

Ms. Suboohi Sidddiqui

Dr.(Mrs.) Paramjeet Kaur Walia 03.12.2012
A study of research output of faculty members of the school of environmental sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru university, Delhi

Mr Mahesh Chand

Dr.K.P.Singh 11.12.2012
Web-based information products and services of national libraries: a comparative study

Ms. Monika Gupta

Dr.(Mrs.)P K Walia 2011
Use of e-journals by faculty members and research scholars in area studies in university of Delhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru university and Jamia Millia Islamia

Mrs. Tasnim Zia

Dr.K.P.Singh 09.12.2010
Marketing of library and information science products and services by Indian Institute of Technology libraries in India: A study (Submitted)

Mr.Manish Kumar

Dr. K.P.Singh 01.12.2010
Use of open access resources in select institutions in India: A users study (Submitted)

Mr.Shalender Singh Chauhan

Dr.Shailendra Kumar 02.12.2010
Use of e-journals by faculty members and research scholars of university of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru university and Jamia Millia Islamia in social science: A study

Mrs.Garima Gaur

Dr. Meera 2010
Assessment of information literacy competency of social science researchers in select central universities in India
Mr.Rajesh Singh Dr.Shailendra Kumar 2008
Organization of the information sources and use of library services in health and family welfare institution in India : A study
Mr. Salek Chand Dr. (Mrs.) P.K.Walia 2008




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Sl. No.
Title of the Thesis
Research Scholar
Research Supervisor(s)
Year of Award
Use of e-Resources by Users in Select Libraries of Management Institutions in National Capital Region
Mrs. Manpreet Kaur Prof. (Mrs.) P.K.Walia 2016
A Scientometric study of research output in Physics in select institutions of Delhi

Ms.Manisha Singh

Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2016
Use of e-resources in Indian Institute of Management libraries: a study of the IIM consortium

Mr.Vinod Kumar Singh

Dr. (Mrs) Meera 2016
Use and evaluation of web-based online public access catalogues in university libraries in Delhi
Ms.Shalini Aggarwal Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2016
Scientometric study of research output in computer science of select universities in Delhi (1995-2009)
Mrs. Vijita Mishra Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2015
Online legal information system: a proposed model for Indian environment
Mr Raj Kumar Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2015
Human resource development in ICT environment in central university libraries of South India
Mr.Ajeemsha S Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2015
Awareness and use of Web 2.0 technologies in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) libraries in India: a study
Mr. Malkeet Singh Dr.K P Singh 2015
Managing the knowledge transition from print to digital in selected special libraries in Delhi: a proposed model
Ms. Pinki Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2014
Citation analysis of Ph.D theses in social sciences awarded by university of Delhi during 1995-2008
Ms. Bebi Dr.K P Singh 2014
Information retrieval interface of e-databases in social sciences: a study of users perspective in select libraries of Delhi
Ms. Namarata Rai Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2014
A study of information storage and access in digital environment for the people with disabilities in NCR libraries
Ms. Gareema Sanaman Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2014
Role of libraries in growth and development of tourism sector in India: a study
Mr. Vinod Kumar Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2014
Use of e-journals by researches in science and technology: a study of CSIR libraries
Mr. Rajpal Walke Dr. (Mrs.) P.K.Walia 2014
Information needs and uses of the users in Bioinformatics in select libraries in India: a study
Ms. Manlunching Dr. (Mrs) Meera 2014
Availability and use of information resources and services in the digital environment among public libraries in Delhi: a study
Ms. Prabhjeet Kaur Dr. (Mrs) P K Walia 2014
Use of library classification schemes in the ICT environment in selected libraries in national capital region: a study
Ms. Dipti Gulati Dr. K P Singh 2014
Integration of library services with online mode of higher education in India : a study
Mrs. Puja Anand Gulati Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2014
Collaborative approach towards e-resources from acquisition to use : a study of selected library consortia
Mr. Abhijeet Sinha Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2013
Changing ethos of library service in the new environment: a study of select special libraries in Delhi
Ms. Nandini Dutta Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2013
Information seeking behavior of faculty members and research scholars with reference to Punjabi literature: An analytical study
Mr. Gurmeet Singh Dr. (Mrs.) P.K.Walia 2012

Information seeking behavior of managers working in financial institutions in India: a study

Mr. Akhtar Parvez Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2011
Digitization and open access initiatives: a study of special libraries in national capital region
Ms. Shampa Paul Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2011
Growth and development of journals in economics with special reference to e-journals: a study of the libraries of central universities in Delhi
Mr. Topan Dass Dr. R.K Bhatt 2011
A study of the statistical serials: their development and use in the libraries of ICSSR institutions in Delhi
Mr. Praveen Kumar Jain Dr. R.K Bhatt 2011
Information management in public libraries of Tehran: a study in the changing environment.
Ms. Esmat Momeni Dr. (Mrs.) P.K.Walia 2010
A Study of data retrieval techniques of online databases available in libraries of central universities in India
Mr. Projes Roy Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2010
Analysis of web-based library services in university libraries in India
Mr. V. Nagabhushanam Dr.M.Madhusudhan 2010
Growth and development of the ICSSR research institute’s libraries and their services
Mr. Dharam Kumar Dr. R.K Bhatt 2010

Trends and development of digital libraries in scientific and research institutions in Delhi: a comparative study

Mr. Deball Chandra Kar Dr. R.K Bhatt 2010
An analytical study of research output of Jamia Milia Islamia in the field of natural sciences(1971-2004)
Mr. Shehbaz Husain Naqvi Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2010

Design and development of digital database of homoeopathic information resources in India: a plan proposal

Mr. Om Prakash Verma Dr. (Mrs.) P.K.Walia 2010
Information village for small scale industries in north-east India - a model
Mr. Zuchamo Yanthan Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2009
Designing e- learning resource model in library and information science in India
Mr.Anas .K Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2009
Provision and effectiveness of staff development programmes for professional in university libraries in India with special reference to Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal
Mr.Arun Kumar

Dr. Shailendra Kumar &


Human resource development of library and information professionals in science and technology (S & T) libraries in Delhi
Mr. Krishan Kumar Taneja Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2007
Plan proposal for the establishment of network of libraries in north-east India
Ms.Christina, Doibila Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2006
Impact of informatics on information storage and retrieval in libraries and information centers: a scientometric study of periodical literature since 1981
Mr.Hashemzadeh, Mohammad Javed

Dr. Shailendra Kumar & Dr.S.R.Gupta

A study of telecast media libraries in India.
Mr. Ranjeet Singh Thakur Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2005
Acquisition of document in special libraries in India and publishing trade: a study of problems and linkages.
Mr. Tariq Ashraf Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2004
Integration of information needs and technology with reference to healthnet Nepal
Mr. Mohan Raj Pradhan Dr. Shailendra Kumar 2004
37 Conflict management in university libraries of Delhi Mr.Syed Mohd Abbas Dr. S.R Gupta 2004
Information gathering habits of economists and political scientists in the university of Delhi, JNU , Jamia Millia Islamia, AMU, Aligarh and BHU: A Comparative Study.
Mr. Satendra Singh Dhaka Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2002
35 A study of information needs in industries in Delhi Sawita Dhami Prof. P. B Mangla 2002
34 Acquisition of documents in special libraries in India and publishing trade: a study of problems and linkage Ashraf Tariq Prof. (Mrs.) Shashi Prabha Singh 2002
33 Growth and development of mosque libraries in Iran from Safavid era to pahlavi era: a critical study Roya Barader Dr. S.R Gupta 2002
32 University libraries in Iran: Their development, organization and services Abdol Hamid Moarrefzadeh Prof. P. B Mangla 2001
31 Information needs of members of Indian parliament and the role of parliament library Ved Raj Yadav Prof. P. B Mangla 2001
30 Evaluation of planning policies of central libraries in the ministry of higher education and culture (IRAN) Riahina Nosrat Prof. C. P Vashishth 2000
29 A study of public library and literacy movement in India with special reference to Delhi, Harayana and Rajasthan Sahab Singh Verma

Dr. S.R Gupta &

Prof. D. S Aggarwal

28 Job involvement and job satisfaction among professionals in university and college libraries in Delhi Saroj Kumar Bajpal Prof. Krishan Kumar 1999
27 Determination of performance measures of scientists in council of scientific and industrial research (India): a bibliometric study of research papers published in journals during 1988-1992 Narendra Kumar Prof. P. B Mangla 1999
26 Financial management of acquisition of serials in Delhi university and Jawarharlal Nehru university libraries Suresh Chand Jindal Prof. J. L Sardana 1999
25 Organizational and attitudinal factors in the development of local library networks in India Sanjaya Mishra

Prof. D. S Aggarwal &

  Prof. C. P Vashishth

24 Information needs and patterns of information seeking by journalists in Delhi Gurdev Singh Prof. Krishan Kumar 1998
23 Library effectiveness in materials science in research Institutions in Delhi during 1980-92 Surinder Mohan Dhawan Prof. J. L Sardana 1998
22 Information seeking behaviour of researhers in history and political science in Delhi Ms.Kanungo Neena Talwar Prof. Krishan Kumar 1997
21 Use and non-use of government of India publications by social scientists in the university of Delhi (Delhi) Jawaharlal Nehru university (New Delhi), Punjab university (Chandigarh) and Punjabi university (Patiala): A comparative study Ms.Paramjeet Kaur Walia Prof. J. L Sardana 1997
20 A study of the professional staff concerning their co-operation and conflicts in university libraries in Thailand Pariot Chalaragse Dr. S.R Gupta 1996
19 Online information searching and services in select science and technology libraries information centres in India: An evaluative study Anil Kumar Tyagi Prof. M. M Kashyap 1996
18 Information gathering habits of health scientists and suggestions for national health information system for India Ramesh Kumar Prof. Krishan Kumar 1995
17 Preparation of classification schedule for muslim theology based on dewey decimal classification scheme Mohammad Sajjad Usmani Prof. Kamleshwar Nath 1995
16 Use of periodicals in chemistry, physics and botany by scientists in large size libraries of science and technology in Delhi. Sarita Jain Prof. J. L Sardana 1994
15 A comparative study of the role of libraries of the university of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru university in their research programmes in social science Vinayak Kamlesh Prof. P. B Mangla 1993
14 Development of a model information storage and retrieval system for laser technology Jai Prakash Singh Prof. M. M Kashyap 1993
13 Indian institute of technology libraries in India: an evaluative study of their growth, development, and services Ms.S. P Singh Prof. J. L Sardana 1993
12 Library and information system for Yemen arab republic : present problems and model for future Abdulla Ali Al-Haddad Prof. J. L Sardana 1991
11 A comparative study of career advancement of library professionals in university libraries in Punjab Haryana Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh Dev Raj Singh Prof. Krishan Kumar 1991
10 A study of growth, development and services of India libraries located in Delhi Anuradha Gupta Prof. P. B Mangla 1991
09 Growth and development of children’s' literature in hindi published in independent India Vijaya Gupta

Prof. D. S Aggarwal

08 Social science research libraries in India: a study of their growth, development and services with particular reference to post-Independence period D. R Kanwal Prof. P. B Mangla 1990
07 A comparative study of the national information systems in education in U.K and U.S.A. with a view to developing a model for India Sunder Lal Verma Prof. D. S Aggarwal 1989
06 Bibliographical control and services in Thailand: a survey and study with emphasis on the role of the Thai national library Dhida Bodhibukkana Prof. Krishan Kumar 1988
05 Use of periodicals in economics, political science and sociology in the libraries of Aligarh, Banaras, Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru Universities Darshan Lal Sachdeva Prof. P. B Mangla 1988
04 Statistical Information System in India: a proposed model Prakriti Ranjan Goswami Prof. J. L Sardana 1985
03 Professional manpower needs in university and college libraries of Delhi, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh and their implication on library and information science education Shalini Rewadikar Prof. P. B Mangla 1984
02 An optimum algorithm for subject indexing systems Atef Kamel Awad N. C Kandekar 1984
01 Facet analysis and depth classification of agriculture D. B. Krishna Rao Dr. S. R. Ranganathan 1956

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