History of the Department

Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi

arrowThe Department was established in 1946 with the efforts of (late) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, Prof. S. Dasgupta and Sir Maurice Gwyer.

arrowThis was the first Library Science Department in the country to be established as a full-fledged Department like other constituents departments in the University of Delhi and recognized as an Associated Project of UNESCO. 

arrowThe Department during the past 70 years of its existence has played an important role in Library Education in the country as whole. Already 3822 students have taken their Library Science degrees from this Department.

arrow 78 Ph.D degrees have been awarded by this Department (upto May, 2016).

arrow 158 M.Phil. degrees have been awarded by this Department (upto May, 2016).

arrow 1258 M.L.I.Sc. degrees have been awarded by this Department (upto May, 2016).

arrowDepartment ever since its inception continues to play its role of leadership in Library and Information Science education. In order to keep pace with the changing and complex needs of libraries and documentation centers in the country, the Department took concrete steps in 1972 to introduce new areas of study in information science and management such as 'Computer and its Application in Libraries', Information Storage and Retrieval' and 'Library Systems Analysis & Statistical Methods' in its curriculum. Department revised its syllabi in 2004 & again new papers were introduced both in B.L.I.Sc. & M.L.I.Sc..Gotop

arrowRevised its syllabi in 2009 and implementing since academic year 2009-10 with more emphasis on Information and Computer Technology applications in Libraries in both B.L.I.Sc. and M.L.I.Sc. programmes (each semester). A special paper on Information Literarcy Applications in LIS was introducted at M.L.I.Sc. level and exclusive paper on Marketing of LIS Products and Services and Management Consultancy.

arrowThe Department adequately equipped with good ICT infrastructure for students not only for class room teaching but also for hands on practicals. It is providing internet searching facilities including email facilities. The Department has already established a very high reputation for itself here and abroad.

arrowThe Alumni of the Department consists of well known professionals who are occupying very prominent positions not only in India but also in several other countries of the world. The faculty consists of teachers who are well known in the profession in this country as well as internationally. The Department provides facilities for Library, Hostel facilities for outside students, Medical facilities, Freeship and scholarships for  meritorious students.

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