Useful Forms for Students/Faculty Members

Welcome to useful forms page of DLIS Students, Research Scholars and Faculty. The following are the useful form links compiled for the benefit of Library and Inforamtion Science students and hyperlinks were checked on 07.04.2020. If any change in URL or problem, please email to


Useful Forms for Students, Research Scholars and Faculty Members   

bullet Common Application Form for Refund of Fees  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Procedure for change in Name of Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Departmental Library Membership Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Application Form for Registration/Admission to Ph.D Programme  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Duplicate Library Ticket Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Refund of Library Deposit Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet DULSA Election Forms  triggertriggerdownload

bullet WUS Health Centre Registration Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet DLIS Alumni Registration Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Registration Form for Anti Plagiarism Tool-URKUND Online Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet New Wi-Fi Application Form for PG Students Online Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet New Email / Wi-Fi Application Form for Ph.D. Students: Online Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet New Email/Wi-Fi Application Form for Faculty / Staff - Online Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Request for Reset /Change Password of DU Email Online Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Miscellaneious Payment of Fees for Students Online  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Application to Attestation of Degree Online  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Application to Attestation of Marksheet Online  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Application Form for Issue of Official Transcript of Marks/Degree  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Supervisor's Certificate for Exclusion of Self-Published Work For PhD & MPhil Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Certificate of Originality For PhD & MPhil Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Student Approval Form For PhD & MPhil Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Application Form for Admission to the Degree in Absentia For PhD & MPhil Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Submission of PhD Thesis in the University: Examinational Branch (Form 1) For PhD Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Submission of PhD Thesis in the University: Board of Research Studies (Form 2) For PhD Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Application for travel grant to students for International Conference/ Workshops For Students  triggertriggerdownload

bullet No Dues Form: DUCC Online Form  triggertriggerdownload

bullet Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Registration Form Online Form  triggertriggerdownload

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Designed, Developed & Compiled by Dr.M.Madhusudhan, Associate Professor, DLIS,UoD.