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Journal of Library and Information Science
Volume 16, Number 1, 1991


arrow MANGLA (PB). IFLA and PAC. 16,1;1991;1-10
arrow PRINS (Hans). Status, Image and Reputation of Librarianship: Result of an Empirical Study 16,1;1991;11-24    
arrow SCHWARZ (Helga). Sharing Information by Means of Standardization. 16,1;1991;25-33
arrow ROBINSON (William H). Building a Parliamentary Research Capability. 16,1;1991;34-47
arrow WIELE (NIC VAN DE). Public Libraries. 16,1;1991;48-59    
arrow RENOULT (Daniel). University Libraries. 16,1;1991;60-69    
arrow SWAIN (Leigh) & CLEVELAND ( Gary ). Electronic Document Delivery and Libraries: Technologies, Strategies, and Issues. 16,1;1991;70-86    

Volume 16, Number 2, 1991
arrow KEDEM (Kosi A). Libraries as Partners in the Fight to Eradicate Illiteracy in Sub-Saharan Africa . 16,2;1991;87-101
arrow CORNISH (Graham P). Conflict between Copyright and Document Supply: Real or Imagined? 16,2;1991;102-12
arrow PATEL (DR). Bibliometrics, Citation Study, Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Services Using SCI CD-ROM. 16,2;1991;113-28
arrow SATIJA (MP). Indian Sources of Library and Information Science Terminology. 16,2;1991;129-43    
arrow WEINGAND (Darlene E). Literacy and Reading in Iceland . 16,2;1991;144-59    
arrow SANTIAGO (Suzanne). ISDS and Union Catalogues. 16,2;1991;160-68    
arrow SEWA SINGH. Library and Information Manpower problems and Prospects: A Literature Survey. 16,2;1991;169-80    
arrow LAHIRI (Ramansu). Serial Control System: A Critical Study. 16,2;1991;181-98    
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